Geodata Management

Cartography – print and digital: 60 years of well-honed experience

For decades, we have remained true to our principles: producing the highest quality, with utmost precision and as up to date as possible – and that for each and every one of our cartographic products.

MAIRDUMONT is the only German publisher to maintain its own dedicated research department in the field of Geodata Management. That means that projects that are planned or under construction are taken account of or included in new editions, and where available from official sources, are provided with anticipated completion dates. It is through this “forward-looking” mapping that our road maps are kept constantly up to date.

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Market leader for tourism-based cartography in Germany
For large-scale maps, as well the comprehensive 1:20.000 city maps for Germany, our range also includes city transit maps on a scale of 1:100.000. Maps to the world’s most important cities are available at a scale of 1:15.000; furthermore we have city centre maps to over 800 cities worldwide.

The range is completed by medium and small-scale maps for Germany, large parts of Europe and the world: the leisure, regional, national, planning and overview maps on a scale of 1:100.000, 1:200.000, 1:300.000 and 1:800.000, as well as continental and world maps on a scale of 1:2 million to 1:160 million.

Our georeferenced cartographic data is stored as margin-free vector data in an Oracle data bank. We have a variety of interfaces at our disposal, allowing cartographic data to be used with all current geographic information systems. In addition, for Germany and Europe we plan a comprehensive register of place names complete with post codes.

Would you like to know more?
On our website at, please choose the map view “Falk Original”, in order to get a more accurate picture of our mapping. Under “Falk OSM“ we present a map style based on OpenStreetMap data that has been developed by us.

What we can offer you:

  • Research information on the roads in Germany and Europe
  • Cartographic data that can be tailored to your requirements
  • Data conversions
  • GIS expertise
  • Geocoding and Geomatching
  • WEB cartography as TMS and / or WMS service
  • Development of OpenStreetMap – styles tailored to your needs
  • Graphic and technical preparation of OpenStreetMap data, etc.

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