At Home in the World

MAIRDUMONT’s main subject is the world. The world as travel destination for open-minded explorers, to whom we supply the best information for both preparation and the journey. More than 500 authors based in all continents do their on-the-spot research for us.

The global market: We distribute our products all over the world. We have built up our own businesses abroad and have worked with many of our foreign co-publishers for decades. The Marco Polo, Baedeker and DuMont guides are published in seven different languages. Since 2010, through our UK subsidiary ‘Marco Polo Travel Publishing’, the majority of our print and digital portfolios has been available in English all over the world. The continued strengthening and expansion of our international business is a focus of the MAIRDUMONT strategy.

As well as sales and distribution, the procurement market is in large measure international. Process management, print and purchasing and the whole area of digital media involves doing business on all continents, especially in Asia. Negotiations and printing approvals in China are just as much a part of our business as worldwide paper procurement.