Our Responsibilities

MAIRDUMONT is a family business. ‘As a family we are fully behind the company’, all family members confirm. To have travel in their blood is probably the best way of describing this family of entrepreneurs.

We take our social responsibility very seriously, both with our employees and in our wider community. In this we focus our attention on our immediate environment (Ostfildern and Stuttgart), on Germany, and on the social and ecological problems of the world. Through our actions and our products we are committed to a culturally, socially and environmentally friendly form of tourism.

Volkmar Mair, the long-time chairman of the company: ‘These days the subject of ethics occupies an important place in any discussion about economics. Rightly so. And this must particularly apply to family businesses. Each family member needs to be aware that their behaviour has an impact on how the company is viewed and judged. We work in an organisation in which certain values are expected from the shareholders. The most important is probably: ‘No one person is any better than another’. Out of this comes respect for all. But there’s also integrity, reliability, honesty, openness, and – seemingly old – values such as modesty, punctuality and diligence.’

Through the Hilde Mair Foundation, with the participation of representatives of the two churches and local doctors in Ostfildern, the family helps local people in need. Stephanie Mair-Huydts, Chairwoman of the Management Board, is also on the board of the ‘Development Association for a Child-friendly Stuttgart’ (Fördervereins Kinderfreundliches Stuttgart), as well as member of the college council at the Stuttgart Media College and chair of the ‘Friends of Stuttgart Library’ (Freundeskreis der Bibliothek Stuttgart).

It matters a great deal to us that our staff members have the best possible working environment. Spacious work stations, own canteen, flexible working hours and, depending on the individual and the job, training opportunities tailored to their needs, are all there to support them and create for us all a pleasant climate to work in.

We are fully aware of our environmental obligations. Our print products are printed on paper from FSC certified forests. Furthermore, for years now we have worked together with atmosfair, an organisation that compensates for GHG emissions from flights. The aim is to draw attention to the impact of travel on the climate. In all our guidebooks environmental issues are highlighted, with a lot of background information. In addition, travellers are given interesting and exciting tips on how they too can improve the ecological compatibility of travel and support local environmental initiatives in the respective destinations. For example, the Marco Polo request to travel responsibly appeared in Marco Polo guides from the very beginning.