BAEDEKER Travel Guides

Knowledge opens worlds

The history of BAEDEKER: A story of constant innovation, for Karl Baedeker is the inventor of the modern travel guide. With his ‘Rheinreise’ (The Rhine) published in 1832, he succeeded in packaging in-depth knowledge to a destination for the very first time, and today his name is synonymous with travel guides. Karl Baedeker Verlag always understood its huge tradition as a series of constant innovation. Thus it was that the first full four-colour travel guides complete with large map appeared in the 1970s, and from 2005 came their 3D pop-out illustrations to show the key sights in perspective.

Now the time has come for another innovation: since January 2013, the Baedeker guides have appeared with elaborate infographics on key aspects of a destination, in the new ‘Experience and Enjoy’ chapter, and come in a flexicover with appealing feel.

BAEDEKER guides offer a startling range of information for travellers and provide detailed descriptions of the sights in alphabetical order. In-depth background information on nature, culture and history, attractively presented topics in the to ‘Experience and Enjoy’ chapter help make the journey unforgettable. The ‘Sightseeing from A to Z’ section – the core of each Baedeker Guide – is furnished with locator maps, knowledge boxes, Baedeker tips, theme ideas, 3D folded cut outs and infographics. The routes outlined in the Tours section open up the destination with detailed maps. With its coordinates system the pull-out map, contained in a plastic sleeve, is a quick and easy way to locate the sights.

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