You only see what you know

It was with this motto that DuMont launched its first series of ambitious travel guides in 1968. Since then, the company has become known for producing guides of exceptional quality. Individuality & intellectuality, openness and the ‘aura of sophistication’ shape the image of DuMont’s travel literature.

Around the world in 500 titles
Whether a relaxing holiday or cultural trip, city break, extensive long-distance journey or hiking adventure: around 500 titles in six different series showcase the full diversity of travel and have proved to be practical, useful and reliable on the road. Behind the books is a dedicated group of around 300 authors. Since January 2002, Dumont’s travel list has been rounded off by the ‘Stefan Loose Travel Handbooks’, a premium brand among guidebooks for individual travellers.

DuMont travel publishing emerged from DuMont Verlag, which was founded in Cologne in 1956. Their first guide, ‘Die Götterburgen Mexikos’ (The Sacred Pyramids of Mexico), was published in 1968; written by Hans Helfritz it was the very first ‘Kunst-Reiseführer’ (Art Travel Guide), and the series soon became the publisher’s trademark product.

The content and design of DuMont guides has been determined by travel behaviour and individual interests. Thus various subsequent series such as the ‘DuMont Reise-Taschenbücher’ (DuMont Pocket Guides), ‘DuMont direkt’ and ‘DuMont Reise-Handbücher’ (DuMont Travel Handbooks) were conceived, all of them distinguished by their up-to-dateness and high level of travel expertise. Regular and thorough research by the authors in the field as well as a practical layout with travel tips, maps, city maps and photos ensure that the traveller can completely rely on ‘his DuMont’. So that the fun side of things is not neglected, every guide contains information on challenging outdoor activities, shopping and local nightlife.

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