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  • With its clear and precise travel information, Falk is a confident and experienced expert and partner, a reliable and competent companion on your travels.
  • Falk is famous for its unequalled geographical knowledge, high quality and convenience as well as for making technology easily understandable.
  • Falk is the leading brand when it comes to city maps, city atlases, street maps, road atlases, travel atlases, DVDs and journey planners. No other brand enjoys such a high level of recognition.

When at the end of 1945, aboard a crowded tram in Hamburg, Gerhard Falk loudly exclaimed, ‘I’ve got it!’, he also got some startled looks from the other passengers. But what neither Falk nor the surrounding passengers could know at that moment: it was the birth of one of the great German brands: the Falk map.

His brilliant idea
He came up with a projection which made it possible to depict the centre of the city on a large scale, which would then gradually reduce towards the periphery. That meant that city centres with their often dense and complex networks of roads could be shown large, the suburbs slightly smaller. It’s called a ‘running scale’. In other words, a scale that perfectly matched the structural conditions of a big city and was thus very easy to read. The second bright idea was the type of fold, which Gerhard Falk immediately had patented. It made it possible to browse and use a map like the pages of a paperback book. The combination of the two ideas of running scale and patented folding is what gave birth to the Falk map. The quality of the Falk maps and their uniform appearance – always incorporating the famous white Falk lettering on the red circle – have made Falk one of the most recognisable German brands.

Today, the range is not just limited to the classic, printed publications. In addition to the popular maps, an impressive number of new products with modernised look have been created, including navigation devices, software and accessories for the car or the great outdoors, route planners and navigation apps for smartphones and tablets or Falk’s own online mobility platform at www.falk.de.

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